John Valley Continues to Thrill With New Video

John Valley is on a roll. The local videographer and producer recently made two stellar videos for Sweet Spirit with “Baby Doll” and “Baby When I Close My Eyes,” and John’s kept the momentum rolling with his work on another equally captivating video, this time “Sex & Drugs”  just released by A Giant Dog. The video portrays the band as wintery minstrels stuck in a snowglobe at the mercy of a maniacal child who wreaks havoc by violently shaking the globe, a subtle allusion to the song’s lyrical theme of lost youth. Valley seems to relish in creating videos that portray the beautiful, glamorous, and alluring, and he then injects diabolical twists that turn the picturesque quickly awry. The track here is a lot of fun as well, very punchy and self-aware indie with a punkish vibe and a nonstop, frantic drive that is one to really jam out to, and hard. It’s an excellent showing from both band and Valley, and it’s a perfect example of what a music video really should be.

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