Honne (James Hatch & Andy Clutterbuck INTERVIEW 2016)


London-based duo HONNE and Izzy Bizu unveiled a collaborative new single ‘Someone That Loves You’, out now via Atlantic Records. This follows HONNE’s recent EP ‘Gone Are The Days’, which saw the band sell-out their first-ever US headline tour – including NY’s Bowery Ballroom and LA’s The Troubadour – alongside prestigious South by Southwest showcases as well as surpassing 20 million Spotify streams. Honne will be releasing their much anticipated debut album later this Summer. We sat down with James Hatch and Andy Clutterbuck to discuss their music, influences, and preferences.




You’ve probably explained it a million times, but what does the name Honne mean exactly?

Andy: Honne is a Japanese word that means true feelings, or feelings that you keep to yourself. It is a huge part of Japanese culture. We stumbled across it and we think it works well with what we do because it’s personal


Outside of music, what do you enjoy doing?

James: We have a passion for traveling, and more recently we started playing tennis. We swim as well, anything really to keep us fit.


You started with Honne two years ago and have had success pretty early on, what has been your eye–opening ‘I’ve made it’ moment thus far?

Andy: We played our biggest show to date in London, and the venue had our name in the lights. I wanted to take a picture of it and as I was taking it, there was a guy outside scalping our tickets. Like he showed up at our gig to make money, and that doesn’t happen unless you’re good right?


If you weren’t doing music, what do you think you would be doing right now?

Andy: I think I’d be doing woodworking, carpentry. I really like creating. You can see lamps that I’ve made in a few of our music videos.


James: I don’t know, I really don’t know. I think I’d still be in the music industry or doing geography, that’s something I liked in college.


Approximately how many babies do you think have been conceived to your music?

Andy: I worry about how many lawsuits we’ll have against us for baby benefits.


Is this your first time in Austin?

James: We’ve been once four or five years ago, just as punters. It’s the first time playing. It’s a completely different experience.   We were able to go to Barton Springs last time, but we’ve had seven shows across 3-4 days and the last one is tonight at Stubbs.


Do you have any mentors in the music business?


Andy: We’ve always been self-contained. We lock ourselves away and write music. I really like artist that are the whole package in that they write songs and come up with the videos. I think its important to have a storng vision, because some people let the infustry take over them


James: Even with us, it can get overwhelming and we just have to snap out of it. I’ve got to keep the whole picture in my head and think that there is no one else involved and that helps ground us.


Were you both raised on soul?

James: For me it was Michael Jackson, I saw him play at Wembley Stadium when I was 8. Even at that age I just couldn’t believe how he made it sound that good.


Andy: I was a little late in the game. Growing up my parents listened to Led Zeppelin. I’ve only started to listening to soul in the last 4-5 years. I’m interested in all of the different characteristics and voices in the music that sets you apart.


Is the heartbreak in your music drawn from real experience? 

Andy: I’ve been in a long-term relationship for 8 years but we tend to write stuff that is personal or about people around us. So we do like writing about things that have actually happened rather than fiction


Cold or Hot Weather?

Andy: Hot

James: Hot


UK or American girls?

James: Probably UK for me, but could you put the US for this article

Andy: We are biased and have to say that. We don’t want to have to go home and be killed by girlfriends.


Beer or Wine?

James: I think at the moment wine!

Andy: Yes wine. Keeping it classy.


Coffee or Tea?

James: Coffee

Andy: Tea


The Weeknd or Drake?

Andy: I was thinking how do you compare part of the week to an artist, but Drake.

James: The Weeknd


Al Green or Marvin Gaye?

 James: Al Green

Andy: Al Green


If you had to bring anyone onstage with you, who would you bring?

Andy: I love Charles Bradley. I saw him play at Glastonbury Festival when it was pouring down rain and it was great.


James: Bill Withers. Somebody said that we were like Bill Withers with a laptop, and I love that.


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