Ripping and bashing through a sixteen song set that ignited a sweaty punk party, Wavves had made their way to Austin once again, this time laying waste to Emo’s on a Wednesday, October 25th. The SoCal four-piece is a paradox, comprised of the slovenly aesthetic of a hopeless noise garage band, mixed with the military-like discipline of a well-oiled touring machine. The tour’s head honcho and Wavve’s lead singer, Nathan Williams, is known for his insatiable thirst for touring and a drama-filled personal life off the road. Yet the show continues to go on, the albums seem to write themselves, and Wavves is forging ahead like it’s still 2008.

The show kicked off Wednesday night with the free spirited, female-fronted, French Vanilla. A fellow band from SoCal, French Vanilla brought a fun vibe but the music fell short. Joyce Manor, also a SoCal outfit, was a much better opener for Wavves, and their music prepped the audience for the headliners.

Nathan Williams led the charge with his band, launching right into “Way Too Much” and the “King of the Beach”. A small mosh pit immediately broke out while band members Stevie Pope and Alex Gates swayed and played with intense purpose. Playing a good amount of songs from their latest album, You’re Welcome, Wavves did well by mixing the old with the new.

The pinnacle of the show arrived when the band played “My Head Hurts”, “Animal”, and “Million Enemies” to a ravenous crowd. It is easy to see the child-like glee that lives inside Williams and his band when they play music. However, it is also obvious that constant touring has worn the group down and left them in a weary and almost haggard disposition.

The show ended strongly with “Sail to the Sun”, “Green Eyes”, and a riveting “Post Acid” that had the crowd in a frenzy. While an encore was not on the docket for the night, there was a feeling that the band had finished a marathon of sorts. For a band that sings about drugs, irresponsibility, and hopelessness – Wavves is living the exact opposite as they keep the music, touring, and money flowing.

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