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“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”


“You are Home” – Penny Lane

Artist Interviews

My cardinal rule of interviewing musicians has always been ‘Don’t be boring’; which I have definitely fallen a foul to more than a few times.  Asking about the ‘origins of the band name’, the ‘recording process of the latest single’, and ‘their favorite city to play in?’ are prosaic tropes that I still fall victim to and will still continue to die 1000 deaths over. However, being cognizant that you are about to transcribe a lengthy conversation into print when most of your audience is too impatient to watch a 15 second Tik-Tok, means its vital to…. keep….. it…. PUNCHY!

Thus while i’ve had interview subjects walk out in anger, drop career-altering quotes, and expound on the particulars of their relationship with sex, money and drugs – no interview has come close to what i’d consider perfect.  The only discernible truth is that a human feels more comfortable being interviewed by another human. Not an aloof and jaded journalist, and not a timid, obsequious fanboy. Artists respond well to genuine curiosity that is fortified with research and preparation.  The ‘Aha’ moment you get from an artist when they realize this interview is different and they may have to form an abstract thought outside of their pre-recorded sound bytes is one of the most satisfying feelings… on both sides of the microphone.

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