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Roger Sellers playing the Living Room at the W Hotel Austin




Roger Sellers played both acoustic and electronic sets in the intimate and stylish W Hotel Living Room Sunday night. Seller’s talent and eccentricities were on full display as he performed against a backdrop of what looked like a Windows 95 screen saver. Roger gyrated while turning knobs, hammering toms, and head banging for a crowd of around 50 people that had gathered to hear tracks off Seller’s new album, Momenta. Energy and intensity were not in short supply as Sellers’ stage antics translated like a deranged Jane Fonda workout, punctuating the beautful melody changes found in his ambient electro. Roger embraced the limited real estate found in the W by running into the crowd to dance and giving at least half the crowd bear hugs. ‘Roger Sellers is not a DJ’ as the ubiquitous stickers around Austin all read, but his unique stage presence and music leave little else to be desired.




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