Sharks In The Deep End’s First Single is New Wave Dance-Pop Adrenaline

Sharks In The Deep End is an Austin quintet with a uniquely developed sound that melds jilted New Wave vocals with infectious dance-pop, and they’re currently gearing up to release their debut LP Killin Machine (April 22). The first single off of that debut album is called “Shadows In The Sunset,” and it’s a smart fusion of eclectic influences that rattles along to the urgent warble of vocalist Tucker Jameson. The secret weapon of Sharks In The Deep End is the pounding punk influence that adds backbone to the pop melodies and doesn’t allow the listener to become complacent for a second. If the full Killin Machinealbum proves to have the same alchemy as Sharks In The Deep End’s first single, then it should be a special debut. Catch the single below, and if you see this today (February 18), you can get an eyeful of these guys at their very first show ever tonight at 8pm at Studio C.

“Shadows In The Sunset” – Sharks In The Deep End

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