She Wants Revenge Halloween Show at Mohawk

In 2012, She Wants Revenge declared an indefinite hiatus. The dark synth-scenesters who released their self-titled debut in 2006, never made it back to the watermark they had set with their biggest hit “Tear You Apart”. We can thank the TV Show American Horror Story for breathing life back into the band and allowing them to kickstart a ten-year anniversary return that was on display Halloween night at the Mohawk in Austin. Lead singer, Justin Warfield’s gothic, Interpol-esque vocals were a perfect score to the creepiest of nights.


After tuning up and getting some gear set up onstage in a rather amateurish introduction, She Wants Revenge took the stage. “You could have been anywhere tonight but you chose to be here with us and for that, we are honored.”


Its just as easy to see why the band found a dedicated following early on as why they ended up the butt of jokes to the hypercritical music press. She Wants Revenge evokes a sinister coldness we’ve all encountered or felt at some point in our lives Their music permeates 80’s new wave as much as more contemporary vampiric gothtronica. While their style of music was perfect for the mid-aughts, they were unable to sustain the same momentum through later albums. Thanks to an early fan, Lady Gaga, who suggested to producers that they play the track “Tear You Apart” during her vampire scene in the latest season of American Horror Story’s opening episode, the band and its fans got another shot at reconnecting.


The band played straight through their debut album and the highlights were noted by audience participation on “These Things”, “Out of Control”, “I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love”, and of course “Tear You Apart.” Justin Warfield was in character, staring forlornly over the crowd as he delivered his trademark dramatic and staccato vocals.


The night was nearly ruined by an asshole who threw his cup onstage, nearly missing Warfield’s head. Warfield seethed but didn’t overreact, merely stating “It takes some kind of asshole to do what you just did.”


She Wants Revenge finished their set with some of their newer tracks like “Take The World” and “True Romance” and even teased a new song “Disconnect” which may hint at a continuation of the band after the anniversary tour. She Wants Revenge may never hit a nerve in the music scene like they did in 2006 but they still continue to create beautifully dark music that has earned them lifelong fans.

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