Sour Bridges Go Down Smooth with their Eclectic Southern Bluegrass

Bluegrass acts in Austin can’t help but veer into the unexpected. While Sour Bridges features a banjo, violin, and other tell-tale Bluegrass harbingers, they don’t stay inside the traditional lines. With non-traditional themed songs like “Cocaine Lorraine” and “Midwife Crisis”, Sour Bridges projects their ‘Browngrass’ which, which in their own words, “Is a little bit dirtier than Bluegrass”. While the eclectic influences, like the Beatles and the Byrds, seem to blend seamlessly, its the live-wire energy of the quintet’s live shows that leave their mark on listeners.  Its no surprise that Sour Bridges were the Austin voters pick for ‘Best Emerging Roots/Songwriter Act’ because although the band members come from the Pennsylvania woods, Oklahoma plains, and Texas hills – their sound is uniquely Austin

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