US Weekly Lets Loose New Single “American Piss” Before LP Release

US Weekly has been banging around the Austin live music circuit for the past year, emitting nihilistic punk diddies while their fans craved an official release.  The time has come, April 22nd marks the release of their self-titled debut LP on Night Moves Records.  The quartet’s first single “American Piss” is a commentary on the police shooting of Tamir Rice in 2015 and the general social injustices that pervade contemporary America. Heaving a nice dollop of grunge on top of their punk stylings, US Weekly sounds like a burgeoning Pissed Jeans or Metz coming to fruition in Austin.  US Weekly launches a ten date East coast tour on May 10th and will be ripe for festival season in Austin as they ride the momentum of their first official release.

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