Cowboy Diplomacy Release New Single “No Alibi”

A quartet that dips deep into the blues-influenced well of Texas rock music, Cowboy Diplomacy embraces a sound as big as the state they claim as home. Ian Cohran(Guitar, Vocals), Brad Bentley (Bass), Zac Walden (Lead Guitar), and Matt Leslie (Drums) have taken the Austin live music scene by storm and continue to impress as their stature grows.  Having recorded “No Alibi” at 601 Studios and having it mastered by Howie Weinberg (Wilco, Spoon), Cowboy Diplomacy is using Austin’s broad resources to hone their sound. With brash bluesy vocals and titanic guitar squeals, Cowboy Diplomacy’s “No Alibi” is a larger than life anthem that will bring crowds out wherever they play.

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