Drip-Fed Tears At The Seams Of Sanity On “The Shivers”

Sprung from a seed fertilized by punk, Drip-Fed’s sound branches out into thrash, hardcore and noise genres with exhilirating outcomes. The Austin quartet of unrelenting force is beginning to show how their music breaks into an echelon of beautiful destruction that is unto themselves. Lead singer, Jeffrey Blum, has a vocal set that awakens a visceral and primal element, while simultaneously writing lyrics that are gripping and impactful. “The Shivers” has a serrated edge of adrenaline cutting through a catchy backbeat,of which it’s genius can only be truly appreciated after having left the track on repeat.  Drip-Fed’s next upcoming album release, Under the Wave Blanket, drops March 3rd and I can comfortably say that Operation Rolling Thunder will look like a cap gun compared to the devastating impact their new album is certain to cause.

-Lee Ackerley

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