Jess Ledbetter Debuts Nostalgic Video for “SENTIMENTAL”

Jess Ledbetter grew up in Texas, but spent time in New York playing music under the moniker, JACKIE. Upon moving back to her home state, Jess became the frontwoman of 90’s nostalgia-influenced band, Honeyrude. However Jess also wanted to try writing, recording, and playing everything on her own in a home studio, hence this new self-titled project. While Jess’s sound is sprinkled with alternative 90’s sounds, her soothing yet pained voice evokes more of an Angel Olsen or Cat Power vibe that meanders through catchy melodies and shimmering guitars. In the new music video for “SENTIMENTAL”, Jess links up with cinematographer and friend, Cyrus Moshrefi, to create a visual link to her hometown and past. The video features shots of Ledbetter’s childhood neighbor and friend, Libby Spencer, as well as an airplane that sat on Spencer’s lawn, playing in the theme of sentimentality. Jess is approaching the rollout of her music in a unique way, choosing not to release an album, but instead put forth a continuous stream of songs accompanied by videos for as long as it seems necessary.

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