Austin’s Euphoria Fest Lineup Impresses With Diversity (Festival Preview)

The multi-genre dance extravaganza, Euphoria Festival, is back in 2017, once again taking place at Carson Creek Ranch on April 6-9. While other festivals were stricken with bad weather throughout the Spring of last year, Euphoria flourished, bringing in over 50,000 attendees.   While it is easy to label a festival with EDM artists- an EDM Festival- Euphoria offers much more variety- and 2017’s lineup may be it’s best yet.

How the festival pulled off booking headliners such as Chromeo, Young Thug, Pretty Lights, The Disco Biscuits, and Moby on the same weekend is a feat unto itself. While the headliners offer star power and something for everyone, the real genius can be found in the deftly selected undercard of talented emerging acts.

Here are five undercard acts to check out:

BadBadNotGood – A group that would be considered a headliner in lesser-stacked lineups, BadBadNotGood brings brilliant musicianship to blend jazz, hip-hop, and soul in an avant-garde setting. “Time Moves Slow” is a catchy track off their last album, IV, featuring Sam Herring of Future Islands.


Grum – Projecting 80’s inspired power pop to pure trance, Grum is an adrenaline rush that can elevate any setting he’s found in. “Through the Night” is a dance anthem accompanied by a hilarious music video.

Flamingosis – Vapor Wave may have faded from its brief but glorious heyday, but at least it left Aaron Velasquez, aka Flamingosis, in its wake. Smoothed over remixes of R&B nuggets and experimental electronic vibes permeate in this up and coming producer/entertainer.


Poolside– ‘Day Time Disco’ made for Summer listening, Poolside encapsulates a less-psychedelic ChillWave style of music. These Cali collaborators literally record their music in a studio next to a pool and their 2012 album, Pacific Standard Time, was flawless.


Tennyson– Luke and Tess are two young Canadian electronic producers that exude ambient electronic blips, wonky synths, and dreamy vibes that make their music quite unique.


Euphoria promoters also tipped their hat to Austin’s local burgeoning electronic scene by enlisting some of Austin’s best groundbreaking bands to represent.

Here are three that are worth the price of admission:

Sip Sip – A collective of party-oriented musicians that number around 18 Austinites. Sip Sip is the ultimate party band that is more of a house party than an actual band. These Long time local favorites will bring out a big crowd for Euphoria.


Magna Carda – Austin’s premier hip hop group has found ways to mix hip hop, rap, and electronica into blissful yet incisive beats. Megz Kelli and Dougie Do are keeping Austin hip hop fresh and inventive while tapping into the genre’s tradition simultaneously. A Magna Carda live show is a must-see for any Euphoria attendee.


Capyac – Space funk phones home with Austin’s most bombastic and over-the-top live performers. The local electronic wizards create futuristic funky beats that permeate anyone’s shell of cool to get them dancing. Look for an extra extravagant blow out for their Euphoria performance.


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