Drag Me Over Rainbow Layers Genres on “The Claw”

Shoegazed and sultry, “The Claw” by Drag Me Over The Rainbow is the first single on the forthcoming debut EP from the Austin psych trio. Staccatto guitar riffs wind around soft reverbed vocals, the song then opens up into passionate choral release of frustrated energy. Boston transplant and frontman, Mat DelloRusso, understands how to use his arsenal of musical talents to create a dazed and druggy soundscape that lulls the listener into a trance before tearing through the ennui and injecting amphetamined rhythms and percussive destruction to bring his audience back down to a hard-rocking reality. While cues are taken from Shoegaze pioneers ike My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, Drag Me Over the Rainbow is part of a more accessible Austin psych scene that refuses to flatline through each song, instead opting to implement heavy pounding choruses and thrash through bridges. While you might hear shades of other Austin bands like the Black Angels and Holy Wave in their music, Drag Me Over the Rainbow has a unique style whose trajectory is aimed into a uniquely uncharted awesomeness. Get the full experience by seeing their live show complete with 60’s psych light projections and oils, compliments of DelloRusso.

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