Mr. Kitty Brings Self-Destructive Synth Pop To Get Lost In

An artist creates to evoke a reaction, and Forrest and Isaac Ross Lemaire of Mr. Kitty are electro-goth sorcerers who succeed in creating an 8-bit dreamworld for their listeners. Not quite neophytes, Mr. Kitty have had five previous releases, and their discography runs the gamut between wistful tracks of wintered melancholy to frenetic electro-bangers of seizure-inducing speed. The constant through all of their music is the gothic romaticism of Forrest’s lyrics and the perpetually evolving innovativenes of Isaac’s hard-hitting beats and crytsalline synths. Mr. Kitty’s sixth album, A.I., will be released digitally on March 7th and the pysical release will follow on May 5th. The question that lingers while listening to Mr. Kitty is “Is this a catharsis of emotion? Or is it the gradual demented slide into a mental breakdown?” The oscillating diagnosis makes Mr. Kitty eternally appealing and while their music is scintillating, it is their live show, specifically Forrest’s energy, that is crown jewel of their appeal. See Mr. Kitty play February 9th at Nite School (Sky Hutchen’s brilliant dark wave showcase) @ Cheer Up Charlies or catch them February 28th @ Elsyium aka ‘The Mecca of Austin Gothtronica’.

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