Spectral Sea Drops New Single “Three Vultures” From Debut E

The infectious guitars and pop-infused rhythms of mid-2000’s rock continues to reintroduce itself through the charismatic incarnate bands like Spectral Sea. Tenured musicians who cycled through a slew of different acts throughout the years, Spectral Sea brings together an eclectic amalgam of rock n’ roll talent. This local quartet has found their voice as they ride the release of their debut Ep Stop/Start. Their first single “Three Vultures” tips the hat to the popular SoCal sounding, emo vocal stylings of the 2000’s pop-punk scene. Singer, Al Behnke, navigates the song structure with a creative discipline that emphasizes the pounding chorus’ zeniths and isolates the fragile and jangled guitar work.  Spectral Sea plays 9:30 PM on Sunday, August 6th at the Mohawk as they continue to pound the pavement, making sure their name stays on the tips of Austinite’s lips.

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