Psych Fest spotlight: SUUNS

It is an interesting mix when art rock and shoegaze meet a Montreal band whose music is as addicting as it is dissonant. Suuns have just released their latest album, Images Du Futur, and recently we spoke with drummer Liam O’Neill about the album, as well as their upcoming appearance at Psych Fest.

So your newly released album, Images Du Futur, seems to have a few eras of influence, where did the name come from?
It’s kind of from an expo of science in technology that was in Montreal in the 80’s and 90’s which showed future technologies and also displayed old unique pieces of tech.

You guys are known for a more frenetic style of play; have you always held an interest in your current style of play or was it something that happened organically?
I think we have always been like that. I would say on our new record we have gotten a little close to more conventional song structure, but we have never been interested in it or uninterested in it; we just kind of do what we do. We have tried different styles on different songs, and usually they end up coming out kind of linear. We try and merge up pop hooks but in a more linear setting and it creates an effect where the listener feels like they have heard that style before, but they are not exactly sure where.

Who are some of your influences on the last record?
When we were in the studio we listened to a lot of early electronica.

As a drummer were there any people specifically that you drew inspiration from? 
Yeah sure, I mean as a kid I listened to Smashing Pumpkins a lot. It’s left a bit of an impression on me. As I’ve grown out of my twenties I have made an effort to shake any unconscious influences and play a style that seems most appropriate for the music we make.

Is there a psych movement coming out of Canada? 
I think there’s a lot of young talent coming out of Montreal, but I wouldn’t say there’s a very big psych scene coming out of that area, but there’s certainly a lot of very creative music.

Are there any specific bands that you are going to check out the festival at all? 
Oh fuck yeah! Oh yeah, amazing! I mean I’m really curious to hear The Black Angels and stuff that sounds pretty crazy. The Silver Apples should be interesting. I’ve never seen Deerhunter and want to see them.

So you were you down for SXSW. What was the scene like? 
Oh yeah, we’ve done Austin lots of times. Maybe 3 years ago? My first experience here was like, we felt a little bit challenged by that, it can be really big and swallow you up sometimes, but this year we had a great time actually. We played a great show and it’s always nice to get away from the fucking cold in Montreal. Yeah, we had a very good time actually it was very positive this time around.

What’s been your best show so far on tour?
Man, shit bro…..New York City. It was sold out, a pretty happening show, so that was pretty special.

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