Shoegaze Quartet, Blushing, Unveils Dreamy Debut EP

Beautiful effervescent melodies float with melancholic precision on Blushing’s debut EP, Tether. The shoegaze quartet is a little over a year old but they already exude the technical proficiency and dreamy wistfulness of their influences like Lush, Slowdive, and Cocteau twins. The band is comprised of two sets of marital partners and the music reflects the comfort and ease of a heightened intuitive understanding. Tether may only have four tracks but quality outshines quantity by a wide margin and, the ebb and flow of their debut EP leaves listeners entranced, particularly with the angelic vocals of Michelle Soto and Christina Carmona. Blushing played their first show at Cheer Up Charlies on the 15th but their sound was as tight and professional as a tenured group, and with an upcoming show at the Sidewinder on February 9th, the group’s momentum is starting to snowball. While many in the music industry pontificated of the demise of Shoegaze in the mid 2010’s but it is band’s like Blushing that are breathing new life into the genre and keeping it fresh for new audiences.

-Lee Ackerley

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