The Watters Let the Soul Flow on Great Beyond

Hailing from Sedona, the Watters came to Austin with lofty aspirations and their latest full-length album, Great Unknown, proves they’re on their way. Jenna Watters sings with a delicate fortitude that weakens one knees while her husband, Dan, provides deft guitar melodies that are complimented by a bold brass backing section. Production on Great Unknown is unabashedly expansive and the big band sound packs a whallop, but the songwriting is also intimate, striking a balance that draws comparisons to Fleetwood Mac. The Watters have incredible range and a surplus of talent, which is no surprise that they have a headlining show at the Mohawk on Thursday, December 15th. Dan and Jenna have unmistakeable chemistry and with talented group of musicians around them, there doesn’t seem to be anything holding them back.

-Lee Ackerley

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