Trying Science Get Methodical on Debut EP

The Austin four-piece math rockers, Trying Science, have recently released their debut EP, Vacation For Snakes, and it falls nothing short of impressive. The instrumentals on Vacation For Snakes are technically sound and inherently dramatic, leaving no void for vocals or excess. Their songs don’t take long to ramp up into full-blown masterpieces of winding guitars and deftly placed effects. Their sound can be compared to a less spacey God Is An Astronaut or a lyrically-devoid Mew. While songs like “Blowing Raspberries” and “Dad’s Other Daughter” are melodic and pleasant, Trying Science can also cross into prog-metalesque territory on tracks like “Sick,Sick 6” and “OFPS” where their technical skill shines brightest. Trying Science have a well-produced, clean, and intriguing debut that points to a promising future. Catch them January 5th at Beer Land for their next live performance.

-Lee Ackerley

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